Electronic Publishing Consultancy

Digital Method provide a range of consulting services for publishers looking to move from print to online or starting out with a new electronic publication.

We provide mainly technical services, setting up or migrating publications from print layouts in Quark or InDesign to database driven systems, publishing direct to web and print from the same source.

With over 19 year's electronic publishing experience with companies like Dennis, Haymarket, and Reed Elsevier we also provide strategic consulting services, particularly for publishers moving from print to online.
Our focus is on web publishing systems for publishers, built mostly around Adobe ColdFusion, by far the most flexible and rapid tool for building websites. We also specialise in XML to print and SQL databases for subscription publishing.


We've been working with publishing companies since the days of CD-Roms and can provide a range of consulting services to help get you online, from hosting to subscription management, we cover ever technical aspect of online publishing.