Technical Services

Our technical focus is on systems for publishers, built mostly around Adobe ColdFusion, by far the most flexible and rapid tool for building websites. We also specialise in XML to print and SQL databases for subscription publishing.

SQL Server Databases for publishers

We've been building databases for publishers for 15 years and have a wealth of knowledge about subscriptions, content management, email renewals and subscriber base reconciliation.

XML/XHTML multi sourcing

Single source publishing for print and web has been a holy grail for many business publishers for years, and now with Prince XML version 8, it's become an affordable reality. We can get your single source publishing working ...more

ColdFusion design and build

Adobe's ColdFusion is the tool of choice for publishers. With the power of a fully fledged application server and the ease of use of a scripting language, it's the only tool capable of delivering the quality publishers need in the timeframes they're used to.